Our business creation expertise

We propose to you a personal support for your business plan.

Be prepared for a successful entrepreneurship is important …

Casagrande & Associates Walter France is your partner in the success of your project.

Benefit from an external and objective to formalize the project, and be accompanied secure, supported and assisted in all stages of business creation.

Be awared to all help and solicit support for the creation of business, choose and optimize itsfiscal and social status, determine the breakeven formalize the business plan and its rationale, benefit from support in the direction of the project.

Anticipating the results, make good decisions and ask the right questions. 


Our benefit

  • Working with a good team creates a dynamic synergy: 1 + 1 is more than 2.
  • Work meetings are done in ‘pools of expertise’, you save time and you succeed into your project.
  • Your business creation is followed from the beginning until the realization.