Our accountants and collaborators are able to advise you and take in charge the following areas for your retirement.

Retirement statut

  • Reconstruction of career
  • Collection of statements from the various pension bodies
  • Retired Calculating your rights
  • Analysis of your optional contracts (Madelin, Article 82, Article 83)
  • Analysis of other aspects of retirement : reversion, anticipation
  • Projection of your current privileges

Defining retirement strategy and simulation

  • Goal Setting
  • Study and propose solutions
  • Projecting selected solutions with integration of existing rights 
You are...
  • Microbusinesses / Small & Medium Industries
  • Liberal professions
  • Traders, Artisans
  • Real estate professionals
  • Individuals
  • Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Pharmacists, Doctors

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