Our social expertise

As an employer and a leader, your obligations are complex and numerous.

Casagrande & Associates Walter France offers a specialized service to help you secure as possible in this highly technical field.

We advise and assiste you in social expertise, in order to take the right decision and to secure your activity.

  • Application of social legislation.
  • Assistance to personnel management.
  • Recruitment assistance (studies and writting of contracts, reporting formalities).
  • Development files for exemption from charges.
  • Single statement of employment.
  • Social obligations: registry, compliance with collective agreements, work schedules, postingsmandatory.
  • Permanent Council any matter of social order.
  • Preparation of payroll slips and all statements social.
  • Inspection assistance URSSAF and all social organizations.
  • Assistance in representation.
  • Dismissal procedures.
  • Social audit compliance.