Real estate professionals

Real estate professional, we know your specific requirements and needs.

Realtor, builder, developer, trustees, realtor or notary, our services are tailored to your specific regulations.

  • Optimizing your legal status
  • Specific treatment regimes VAT
  • Statements to guarantee funds
  • Legal and Tax Organization "land"
  • Analysis of projected budgets and presentation to financial partners
  • Analysis of obligations VAT: Land, land not to build, VAT Margin
  • Preparation of declarations and formalities
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for groups
You are...
  • Microbusinesses / Small & Medium Industries
  • Liberal professions
  • Traders, Artisans
  • Real estate professionals
  • Individuals
  • Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Pharmacists, Doctors

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