Take advantage of our wealth planning expertise to assist you in establishing, monitoring, optimization of your personal tax returns: income tax, wealth, local taxes, etc.

Balance Wealth Engineering

  • Develop a coherent overall strategy in the interest of the entrepreneur
  • Decrease overall taxation (company tax, social security, private taxation)
  • Boosting private assets across the enterprise
  • Maximizing real estate professional
  • Securing heritage
  • Prepare transmission by anticipating problems and minimizing estate taxes
  • Maximize the immediate after-tax income, future income (retired) and income at risk (in case of illness or disability)

Retirement Appraisal

  • Reconstruction of career
  • Collection of statements from the various pension bodies
  • Calculating your pension rights
  • Analysis of your optional contracts (Madelin, Article 82, Article 83, Other)
  • Analysis of other aspects of retirement: reversion, anticipation
  • Projecting your current benefits
  • Recommendation for points redemption or missing years
  • Strategy and accumulated retirement employment

Provident Appraisal

Because risks exist (accidents, death, dependency, disability), our lequipes will analyze your situation and help you find solutions to protect you and your family.

  • Current coverage analysis in its different aspects: additional medical care, welfare, disability disability death
  • Definition of protection goals (head of household, spouse, children)
  • Help to implement appropriate solutions