Engineering heritage of the entrepreneur

Enjoy the expertise of our two accountants engineering graduates heritage, and get independent advice to save time and concentrate on making the right decisions.

  • Make a strategy in the interest of the entrepreneur
  • Decrease overall taxation (corporate income tax, payroll tax private)
  • Boost private assets through your company
  • Maximize heritage real estate professional
  • Building Business value
  • Securise your heritage
  • Preparing transmission by anticipating problems and minimizing estate taxes
  • Maximize the immediate after-tax income, future income (retired) and income at risk (in case of illness or incapacity)
You are...
  • Microbusinesses / Small & Medium Industries
  • Liberal professions
  • Traders, Artisans
  • Real estate professionals
  • Individuals
  • Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants
  • Pharmacists, Doctors

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