Our training expertise

All employees from Casagrande & Associés Walter France will help you to develop your skills in Manager of reflection, decision and action.

Accounting and the French tax system have specific rules, we can train your administrative staff on the following main topics :

  • French accounting rules
  • French labor law (principal rules)
  • Business taxation
  • Taxation of private individuals
  • How to get a own property in France

Business management

  • Creating a business plan, setting up dashboards

Our goal is to help you learn to control your business tools ways to improve the future of your business

Executive coaching

You have the energy and methods to take action and to reach all your dreams


  • Knowing how to read a balance sheet
  • Introduction to the book entry via intranet
  • Understand the accounting levers to boost profits

Corporate taxation

Master the principles of taxation of an individual enterprise passage SARL, SAS or SELARL, groups Taxation

Real estate taxation

Know the basic principles of property taxation, update of recent reforms (Special real estate professional)

Commercial Real Estate in dismemberment

How to take advantage of the device and ensure economic and fiscal validity of the dismemberment of operation

Know-how: Training organization specially created by Casagrande & Associates Baker Tily meet the request from their customers.

Web online training : www.savoir-faire-savoir.com