Liberal professions

Whether your business is regulated (doctors, lawyers, architects …) or not (consulting, audit, training), the Liberal regime is characterized by many specific legal, accounting and tax.

We have specialists aware of these specificities.

Practice a liberal job, it is first of all to work a technical craft, but also have to assume all the responsibilities and obligations of a company.

Casagrande & Associates Walter France is the partner of your success, we support you in the achievement of your business and take care of all of your administrative task, accounting, tax and social :

  • Choose your legal status (SELARL, SCI, GIE, SCP, SCM …)
  • Establishing your financial statements and your tax returns (2035 IRPP …)
  • Manage your assets
  • Suitable accounting Held
  • Personal synthesis of your situation
  • HR management (payroll, social statements, employment contracts …)
  • Monitoring TNS regime
  • Assistance in case of controls (fiscal or URSSAF)
  • Liaison with approved management centers and authorized management Associations
  • Preparation of a professional group
  • Passage Opportunity SELARL